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2017 and 2018 became key in the mobile apps development industry. The conceptual vision of this sphere has changed. If earlier companies considered investment in applications as reputation management or something secondary and additional, but now it has become one of the basic points for a justifiable investment.

Such changes are associated with a high demand for applications. Recognizing this fact and adapting their business strategies to it, companies have an excellent opportunity to increase sales and acquire new customers. If you recall the analytics of the number of free applications downloaded last year, it exceeded the mark of 254 billion.

Returning a few years ago, in 2012, you could notice a completely different trend. Then mobile applications were just beginning to gain popularity. The number of downloads was at around 57.33 billion. Now web and mobile development is among those areas that are developing most rapidly. According to many experts, the trend will only intensify.


Prevailing Applications and Industry Priorities

Currently, the following options are dominant in the application segment:


  • Social network;

  • Lifestyle

  • Gaming

  • Google Play

There are many tasks for which applications can be used. One of them is branding. Representatives of the hotel and restaurant business, trading companies and banking institutions are actively using applications in the process of forming their public image. Now this is another tool for successful reputation management. Another important feature of many modern mobile applications is the expansion of opportunities for companies to interact with their customers.


For example, here we can even talk about direct marketing or ASO optimization. The result is an increase in the level of orders and profits. If earlier mobile companies often offered giant companies or simply large enterprises, now this trend has also covered medium and even small businesses. Based on the trends that are relevant today, we can draw conclusions about trends that will be relevant for the mobile application industry in 2019.

Among the popular destinations, the following are forecasted:


  • The Internet of smart things;

  • Further development of mobile commerce;

  • The appearance and improvement of applications on demand (for food delivery, taxi calls, etc.);

  • New approaches to ensure data security;

  • Android Instant Apps as a separate trend;

  • The rapidly growing popularity of cloud applications;

  • Accelerated pages

  • The development of beacon technology, which will undergo some transformations.

The listed priority trends in the mobile application development industry require more detailed consideration. So let's get started.

Smart things

The Internet of things is becoming more relevant. The industry is developing to improve everything that includes the prefix “smart”. It can function in different ways. The Wezom website provides an interesting example. A man leaves home for several weeks and wants warm water in the boiler to be expected upon his return. It will be unprofitable for the landlord if the equipment has been idling for almost a month.

Therefore, he sets a certain time on the boiler when he should warm up. At the moment, applications that allow us to exhibit such functions have not yet gained popularity with us. Nevertheless, in some countries they are already in great demand. 

There is even such a concept - Internet of Things (IoT), which means “Internet of things”. We have already mentioned IoT in blockchain technology in a business project. The popularity of this segment is directly related to how actively users download mobile applications and use IoT devices that are controlled via smartphones using the same applications.


Mobile payments

Customers who like to shop online can use online banking in mobile applications. Even a term such as “mobile commerce” (m-commerce) appeared. Companies use this method to collect data and analyze customer behavior. It is predicted that mobile commerce will be distributed in the coming years.

On-demand application development

Such applications relate to certain customer needs. For example, they may be associated with services:


  • cleaning;

  • product delivery;

  • beauty industry;

  • Taxi;

  • laundry room.

People often use such applications to meet these needs, because they get advantages in the form of convenience, efficiency, ease of payment and accessibility of required services. sometimes they can be scalable. These factors give reason to say that the trend will be relevant in the future.

Application Security

Modern user experience indicates a low degree of trust in mobile applications. Despite the fact that people use them, they do not feel secure in the matter of protecting their data. It is highly likely that application developers will begin to focus in the near future on improving their level of security. At the moment, options for self-deleting messages and encrypted messages are helping in this matter. What technologies developers can offer in the future is still unknown.

Android Instant Apps as a separate trend

Android Instant Apps are proprietary applications that are very similar to websites in terms of operation. Convenience is a basic factor that attracts people to this IT product. Installation of such applications is not required, and their differences from websites are very conditional.


One of the main advantages that encourage people to use Android Instant Apps is that they are accessible from anywhere and do not require a separate installation. Launching is as simple as downloading any web page. Compatibility with any version of Android Jelly Bean is also an important advantage. Another plus is the ability to save space on the phone. There are no downloads of user unwanted applications.

The relevance of cloud applications

The development of modern mobile applications immediately provides for cloud management. These technologies make it easier to use data that does not use the internal memory of the smartphone. Among the most popular cloud apps are Google Drive and Dropbox. However, after them, an increasing number of developers are starting to use this technology.


Cisco VNI Global Mobile Forecast experts predict that by the beginning of 2019, it’s cloud applications that will provide 90% of the world's mobile traffic. They also believe that cloud-based mobile traffic will grow 11 times. According to experts, cloud-based applications are relevant in terms of information security. This is important for corporate users who fear data leakage. Being protected by the cloud, personal data of corporate employees is protected from risks.


Accelerated Pages

The trend for accelerated mobile pages is now more obvious than before. The turning point for this trend was that Google presented to the public the AMP project. Thanks to this technology, page loading on mobile gadgets has been accelerated. Also presented Google made a loud statement that they are going to provide an isolated search index for the mobile network.


Such a step will lead to new, conceptual changes in the mobile application industry. Accelerated pages will make web applications run faster. And it will affect all mobile devices. The failure rate should decrease in principle. As for the advantages of the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project, they are multifaceted. First of all, the number of visitors is growing.


Clickability is also increasing. Pages get a higher rating and advertisements become more visible. Analysis of visitor behavior is simplified, and bounce rates are reduced. It's getting easier to post content. These advantages are enough to talk about the impact of accelerated pages on the mobile application industry in 2019.

Beacon technology

This technology is not new. But still, she does not stand still and is changing. Therefore, it can be argued that recent trends have transformed it. The vector was set last year. Beacons become closer and more understandable for the average user.

For them, more useful functionality and applications are created. As for the latter, these can be sources of information, virtual guides, and more. The development of this technology in the future is obvious, but it will be smooth and measured. Nothing portends the possibility of a technical revolution related to this tool.

Results ...

Drawing conclusions on the development of mobile applications in the near future, we can confidently say that this area will become one of the priorities for many companies. Now this is not a field for additional investments, but an important direction for building the brand image and expanding the target audience.


Also, the development of mobile applications is closely connected with web developments and their trends next year. More and more people are ordering food and cleaning services using mobile applications, they learn important information for themselves. Accordingly, companies take such user interest into account. An increase in the number of different applications is likely to mean a new round of competition between developers. Users have plenty to choose from - so fighting for their attention will not be so easy. At the same time, understanding these trends will give modern companies more opportunities to analyze the effectiveness of their business strategies in this direction. And even more opportunities will be given to you by the right company, which specializes in web development and mobile application development.