- So that if the environment can be well maintained, one of the best solutions offered is to carry out recycling activities. Recycling is a process to turn a used material into a new material with the aim of preventing waste that can actually be useful.

A Complete Explanation of Recyclable Materials

To reduce the use of new raw materials, reduce energy use, reduce pollution, land damage and greenhouse gas emissions when compared to a process for making new goods.

In this case, recycling is one of the strategies in managing solid waste consisting of sorting, collecting, processing, distributing and manufacturing used products / materials as well as a major component in modern waste management as well as being a part when in a waste hierarchy process that is known as the "4 R" "Reduce, Reuse, Recyle, and Replace".

Recycling is usually more focused on waste which cannot be degraded by nature which naturally for the sake of reducing land damage. Broadly speaking, recycling is the process of collecting garbage, sorting, cleaning and processing new materials for the production process.

In a limited understanding, for the process of recycling must produce goods that are similar to the original goods with the same material. Often this is difficult because it is more expensive when compared with the process of making it with new materials. So recycling is a process of reusing materials into different products.

Recyclable Materials

There are several materials that can be recycled along with the process, including:

Building material

Used building materials that have been collected will be destroyed using a shredder and sometimes together with asphalt, new bricks, earth and stone. Rougher yields can be used as road coatings such as asphalt and finer results can be used to make new building materials such as bricks.


In this case the many variations and sizes of batteries make the process of recycling this material relatively difficult. Batteries must be sorted first and each type has a special attention in its processing. Like old batteries that still contain mercury and cadmium, they must be handled more seriously to prevent environmental damage and human health.

Electronic goods

For popular electronic items such as computers and mobile phones, this is generally not recycled because it is not yet clear how the economic benefits are calculated. Materials that can be recycled from electronic goods such as metals contained in electronic goods are gold, iron, steel, silicon or parts that can still be used such as microchips, processors, cables, reistors, plastics. But the main purpose of the recycling process is for the sake of environmental sustainability, although the economic benefits are still unclear.


Iron and steel are the most recycled metals in the world. Metal is one of the easiest to be recycled because it can be separated from other waste by magnetism. This recycling includes general metal processes, such as smelting and reprinting.

The results obtained did not reduce the quality of the metal, another example is aluminum which is the most efficient recycled material in the world. But in general, all types of metals can be recycled without reducing the quality of the metal, so that it can be ascertained if the metal can be used as a material that can be recycled indefinitely.


Glass obtained from bottles and others are cleaned first from contaminants, then melted together with new glass material. Can also be used as building and road material.


In this case paper can be recycled by mixing used paper that has been made into pulp with new paper material. But paper will always experience a decrease in quality if it continues to be recycled. This makes the paper must be recycled by mixing it with new material or recycling it into a lower quality material.


For this reason plastic can be recycled just as it recycles metal. It's just that there are various types of plastic in this world. For the time being, there are various plastic product codes regarding the types of plastics that make up these materials, making it easier to recycle.

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