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Development of fintech applications and services

Development of fintech applications and services

Financial Technologies (Fintech) is an industry in which financial companies and banks apply innovative developments, as well as cooperation between traditional financial institutions and technology companies. Modernization or cooperation is necessary first and foremost in order to remain competitive along with other financial market participants.

Interest in fintech products became apparent in 2014, when banks began to develop their own applications, develop mobile services, upgrade traditional services. Now every third customer of the bank uses at least one financial application. At the same time, there began to appear fintech-start-ups with fresh ideas. They worked faster than conservative bankers, were not afraid to experiment with money, and were closer to the people. So the market of financial and technological applications and services including mobile ones began to grow.


In the business environment there was formed an opinion that technological startups are able to replace financial organizations. Economists consider that such a thesis is doubtful, because startups aren't adjusted to be engaged in crediting. Rather, these parties will enter into more partnership agreements, which will allow them to win people's attention. Users are already used to the fact that all actions can be done automatically by pressing a button.

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Partnership of the two previously independent areas is really mutually beneficial. Financiers and bankers have client bases, access to large capital, ability to work in a highly regulated legislative field. But for the same reasons, internal innovation and rapid testing of new solutions is difficult for them. High-tech enterprises need access to this client base, and in return they are ready to offer their ability to create services with additional value that inspire users.

Types of application fintech that you would like to interest customers

The development of mobile and web applications aimed at the B2C audience must be part of the plans of any bank or financial company in order to achieve a positive client experience. And if to keep clients by usual financial applications it doesn't work anymore and something more modern is required, then make them technological by adding corresponding functions:


  • Personal finance accounting applications

  • Management of personal finances with learning to save;

  • Accounting for expenses with a hint of ways to save money;

  • Financial habits analysis with personalized consultation;

  • Smart digital moneybox with flexible settings, support for deposit transfers.

  • Investment applications

  • Tracking and notification of changes in stock prices, currencies and crypt currencies;

  • Robotic advisor on investment and portfolio diversification;

  • Automatic copy trading;

  • Asset management using artificial intelligence.

Applications with credit support

  • Accelerate the procedure for obtaining a loan with the chat-bot;

  • Automated assessment of creditworthiness based on AI;

  • P2P-crediting between clients-users;

  • Automated microcredits with artificial intelligence.

  • Applications with possibility of transfers and payments

  • Mobile or web wallet with support for electronic money and cryptovalyut;

  • Transaction risk assessment based on machine learning;

  • Support for smart autopayments (regular, irregular);

  • Division of transfer into several recipients.

For corporate clients

Financial applications are used not only by individuals but also by legal entities. Basically, they have similar needs. Although companies are more interested in improving the productivity of employees, automating work processes, improving accounting. So, technological functions can be added to traditional B2B programs.


Your financial company has provided your clients with the necessary application, and the modern realities force you to upgrade to the "fintech" version? We will take it to a new level, as we have long specialized in the development of applications and services for the fitekh. And if you do not have any, then let's create an application from scratch, and immediately financial and technological. Send a request and we will offer a great option, which will simplify and accelerate the financial operations of your customers.


Only professionals can qualitatively develop the financial application.

Selection of a decent developer company is an important decision on which the success of your project depends. When determining the exact cost and time of development it is better to first form a detailed terms of reference. Within the TOR it is possible to estimate the number of hours required for all stages of work, to calculate the total cost. Usually the whole process looks like this:


  1. Development of the statement of work.

  2. Negotiation of terms and conditions.

  3. Directly development.

  4. Internal testing.

  5. Delivery of the product.

Drawing up a statement of work for some reason is the very first, because it depends on how well it is written, what you get in the end. It can be done by yourself, if you have understanding and experience in drafting such documents, or order its development. If you do not have the TOR or have difficulties with its creation, we can work it out ourselves.


It is equally important to meet deadlines, because a project usually consists of several stages. If deadlines are shifted by one of them, they are shifted by the rest. If you appeal to amateur freelancers, you will get stretching of the development process, permanent deadline shifts. This will lead to a loss of possible profits, the release of shrubs, the possibility of not finishing the work at all.


That is why you can entrust such an important task only to a professional development team, which will promptly create a quality product. Specialists of Polygant company are able to develop applications that can withstand any load, meet security and coding standards. Your financial application will be able to be used by tens of thousands of customers at the same time, who will show their loyalty to your brand without even looking at the competitors.

Fintech trends of recent years

Along with technologies that modernize traditional money, new directions are being developed that are worth paying attention to. Your current consumers are already interested in them, and they are also interesting to your potential customers, who you can attract with a modern approach.



Blockchain technology is now needed by any business, as it proved to be suitable in all areas. Blockchain applications are based on decentralization and distribution, they are transparent and secure. We have long been engaged in block-chain programming, smart-contracting, security audits. We have experience in deployment based on well-known platforms, as well as creation from scratch. It's time for you to join the new technology by ordering blockage development.


Coins, tokens, ICO, IEO

Crypt currency has found recognition among progressive people and changed the currency market forever. Digital assets have pulled a significant share of investments. New cryptov currencies appear regularly and initial coin offers are made. It is difficult to move Bitcoin and Etherium, but it is real to take your place under the sun. Perhaps it is your coin or token that will make the top three if you order the release of cryptovolta from us.


Cryptocurrency trading

While some companies launch cryptoprojects with their own currency, others help promote them in the market. They also give buyers the opportunity to buy a new product more quickly. Everyone can earn on cryptotrading and exchange - sellers with buyers, traders, and most importantly, the organizer of trade. Expand your business by ordering a cryptocurrency exchange or exchanger.


Fiat money

Electronic money

E-commerce participants are constantly looking for new payment options. Owners of online stores want to accept payments by all possible means. Their customers want to use a convenient e-wallet that supports fast transfers and payments. You can meet their need for electronic money and get the benefit of commissions if you order the development of an electronic payment system.


Mobile banking

Mobile users who have a card and a bank account would like to manage their money through a smartphone, not a computer that is not always at hand. They would prefer to forget about visiting branches with queues at all. Today's customers require modern banking solutions. Surround them with care and attention by ordering a mobile banking system.


Trading Automation

Professional traders, managers of investment and hedge funds use automation in their painstaking work. With this automation, they can be sure of the profit from trading. If you are also a participant in exchange transactions, we will make your work easier. To trade with high speed and accuracy, order the development of a robot or terminal from us.


Need to create a finite application? Easily!

In the financial and banking markets today, the main condition for existence and competition is the ability to quickly change, as well as the use of new technologies, interesting to the target audience. This is facilitated by the insight of your managers and positive experience of clients in the use of financial technologies.