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How to make money on the crypt currency exchange - detailed instruction

How to make money on the crypt currency exchange - detailed instruction


This year's huge hype has been and continues to be spinning around such a notion as cryptocurrency. Probably difficult today to find a person who has never heard of bitcoins and cryptocurrency exchanges , even the edge of the ear. Moreover, earnings at the exchange of cryptocurrency is even more interesting, because it can be a good income with minimal investment and effort. Let's consider a step-by-step instruction on whether it is possible to earn on this exchanger and how to do it.

Cryptocurrency is a very attractive asset, if you are in search of profitable investments. The advantage is that its value does not fall, but only increases constantly. Before you start working at this exchange, you should read the instructions for working with this type of currencies. In this article, you will find out where you can buy cryptocurrencies. What is the best exchange for today, how to sell cryptocurrency and how to store, cryptocurrency how to earn on the difference in exchange rates and much more. We will tell you about options for cashing cryptocurrency, about putting it on the map and other important details. It will also be useful to learn the latest news on the crypto exchange, to conduct analytics, read reviews and make your own forecasts. This text will be your guide to the world of good earnings.


How to earn money at the cryptocurrency exchange?


The first important thing is the strategy for earning money at the cryptocurrency exchange. Earnings are made by investing for a long time in the purchase of various tokens. Therefore, the most convenient option for earning money at this exchange will be the system "buy and keep, do not give it to anyone". But only popular cryptocurrencies that are not beyond the TOP 10 rating will be suitable for this purpose. The meaning of all the work is that cryptocurrency grows in price only at long distances. It happens that after active growth, the price may drop dramatically, but this is quite rare. If we consider such earnings in perspective for several years, then cryptocurrency always grows rather than drops in price.


The strategy mentioned above will also be suitable for buying a new currency that has a good growth prospect. Buying new tokens is very affordable, especially if you buy it on the day it enters the exchange, but later its price will increase significantly. But this strategy is risky, because there is also a chance that a currency bought at once may fall in price. It is best to invest in already promoted, popular cryptocurrencies, so you can protect yourself.


How to make money on the exchange cryptocurrency, where to start?


The first thing to do is to understand the mechanism of earning at this exchange, to study all the information. After that, develop a strategy and learn how to trade properly at the exchange. If you have a good understanding of the topic and are eager to work in this field, you can make a fortune. The main basis of good earnings at such an exchange is buying currency at the minimum price at the time of maximum decline and its further sale at the peak of value. To successfully use this scheme, you should learn how to follow the changes in the rate, the system of growth and decline, and make a timely buy and sell. If you study the information well, you can always have a good profit, because the market for cryptocurrency is very volatile and profitable deals fall out very often. 

Earning on investments

Earnings from investments in cryptocurrency are the most profitable for the last year. This is the minimum risk and with the right strategy, constant, high earnings, without losses. Moreover, those who are now actively interested in the cryptocurrency, working at the stock exchange and understand this topic, very soon will be able to increase their earnings several times. If you are looking for a good variant of earnings, then do not miss your opportunity and start earning on the exchange cryptocurrency right now, according to forecasts of experts, bitcoins already in 5 years will cost from 500 thousand rubles for one piece!


Popular cryptocurrency options


To answer the question: how to make money on the  cryptocurrency exchange, you need to try your hand at the popular service Coincap. There you will find lists of the best cryptocurrencies available today. The list contains more than 1000 options. Take advantage of it and start making good money. The list is sorted based on market capitalization, the more expensive the market price is, the higher the cryptocurrency is. The rating changes constantly, so don't miss important indicators.


Online charts on the site have a convenient system of use. In the charts you can clearly see the price changes for each of the crypt currencies in the history of its availability on the exchange. Click on your favorite cryptocurrency and all the information about it will be displayed on the screen. You can follow the course of the cryptocurrency at a convenient time for you in real time, this service provides many exchanges.


Another helper can be a good exchange EXMO cryptocurrency. This exchange offers the purchase and sale of cryptocurrency with a minimum fee. All transactions are carried out as quickly as possible, and enrollments are made instantly.


How to make money at the exchange cryptocurrency strategy involves buying profitable options. How to choose a profitable cryptocurrency? To determine the advantages of your chosen currency option, you need to evaluate it by some factors:


Liquidity. A good currency always has high liquidity and its price is constantly growing.

High reputation of developer.

If you analyze these factors correctly, you will be able to buy a profitable cryptocurrency with full confidence.


The cryptocurrencies that are constantly growing include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dashcoin, Monero, Zcash. So choosing one of them, you make a very profitable investment. You can store your funds in several cryptocurrencies at once. Let's say 50% in Bitcoins, 15% in Ethereum, 20 in Ripple and 15% in Monero. Any variation is allowed, the main thing is to follow the rating and history.


Buying cryptocurrency

It is important to choose a reliable exchanger to buy the crypt currency. It is best to use BestChange services. This service offers very favorable conditions and good rate, as well as fast transfers to any bank card.


Where to store the crypt currency?


There are two options for storing cryptocurrency:


Cold wallets designed specifically for storing crypt currency. This could be a Blockchain, which is designed specifically for storing Bitcoins.

2. The second option is to store cryptocurrency directly on the exchange you work on.


Why the exchange? It is very simple. Cold wallets have limited functionality and capabilities. Also, users often complain about the denial of transaction confirmation. You can wait up to several days for funds, plus you have to pay a huge commission. For example, a cold Blockchain wallet is used by many users, but delays in transferring funds can be up to several days, and the commission can reach almost half of your amount. Another major inconvenience is the need to start a separate wallet for each type of cryptocurrency.


In order to sell and buy cryptocurrency advantageously, you need to have constant access to money, and with cold wallets it will not work. But having the funds on the stock exchange, you can immediately make the necessary transfers, change the cryptocurrencies among themselves, with a minimum fee of 0.2%. The pros of this option are obvious. Of the most reliable exchangers for storing cryptocurrencies can be noted Exmo. 

Income on cryptocurrency


We have considered with you the option of earning on cryptocurrencies with the help of investments. But there are also other ways to earn money:


Crypt currency collection taps. This is an option for those who want to get money without investing. To do this, you can find a lot of sites (cranes) that produce free distribution of cryptocurrency. Get on this huge money will not work, in addition to this will have to work much more and harder. As a rule, you can get up to $ 2 a day on such earnings. If you are a beginner, then this option will suit you;

Contributions to ICO. The essence of earnings is to place coins, attracting additional investment and developing this very coin. You place the coin at a minimum cost, and you can sell it several times more expensive. There are situations where the coins are hundreds of times more expensive and allow you to get a huge amount of money. But there are also risks, and the value of the coins can not only rise, but also fall. A good option for such earnings is the Ethereum cryptocurrency;

Mining. This option involves creating blocks that allow you to earn new coins. Anyone can create such blocks. But you will have to get some equipment. Since a lot of electricity is consumed during the minting process, this method is not profitable;

Cloud mining. There are special portals, which offer to rent capacity. To do this, you sign a contract for a certain amount and get the use of cryptocurrency or fiat money. Your earnings will depend on the number of facilities you have rented. Your income is on average 150% per year;

Pseudo cloud mining. This is the most unprofitable and unprofitable option. The risk of losing all your money is too great, so you should not participate in such promotions;

Creating your own crypto stock exchange. It is a very simple process, but it requires time, desire and responsibility;

Choose a more convenient option, which will be more understandable and convenient for you to work with. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. But your risk will be exactly justified.


How do you protect yourself?


If you decide to open a crypto exchange, the main task is to protect it as much as possible, because such exchanges are attacked by hackers very often. The first thing to do is to create a secure website architecture, so the attacker will not be able to get to your assets. The security level of the site should be no worse than that of the banking portals. This will depend on the quality of the code you have developed. It is very important that this code was developed by a machine, so it will be less likely that sooner or later the money will be easily taken away from the exchange.


Let's sum it up.


The subject matter of trading on the crypt currency exchange is indeed very extensive and multifaceted. Answering all questions in one article is simply impossible. The main principle of earning on such an exchange, which you should remember - is diversification, namely, taking into account all possible risks, as well as the storage of cryptocurrency in different cryptocoins. You should not invest more than 2%, stick to the system of managements, it will help you to open orders in a profitable way. You will quickly earn the right amount of money and will be able to win back any unprofitable transaction if necessary.


Options for withdrawing cryptocurrencies to cards of different banks are also mentioned above. Do not keep money at the exchange for a long time, you have gained profit, withdraw and withdraw it immediately, otherwise there is no point in earning. Choose advantageous withdrawal options with minimal commission. Today, there are many convenient options for residents of different cities. A large selection of exchangers with a favorable rate, you can find at BestChange.


Withdrawing crypt currency on the map


There is no point in denying the fact that the future is cryptic. The fact that such an income is convenient, profitable and affordable has already been proven. Having studied the issue in detail and having penetrated into the subject, you can earn real money and have quite a decent income without leaving home. Who knows, perhaps in a couple of years, it will be possible to pay for your purchases in crypt-currency in stores, or it will even begin to give a salary. Do not look at innovations as something wild, do not look for a catch here, but move with the times. As part of a progressive society, you will learn to make good money on cryptology as one of the first.