Most recently, the premiere of the first series of the animated series Angry Birds, which can be viewed directly from any version of the game. Next to the Play button appeared a new one - Toons, where a cartoon is available. How did Rovio come to creating her own animated series?

Angry Birds

In 2003, Nokia and HP held a mobile games competition called Assembly. The competition was won by three students of the Helsinki University of Technology and on the joy in the city of Espoo (Finland) founded the company Relude.

At first they were engaged in unpretentious games for the J2ME platform. Basically, these were game series for major publishers, for example, Burnout, Need for Speed, SWAT. In January 2005 Relude received a number of investments and was renamed Rovio Mobile.

In March 2011, already on the wave of success of Angry Birds, Rovio once again received $ 42 million of funding from Accel Partners, Atomico and Felicis Ventures. In July 2011, the company changed its name again. From now on, it's proudly called Rovio Entertainment Ltd, and since the first version of Angry Birds was released, the game has been downloaded over a billion times!

It is unlikely that the Finns knew what kind of fame and excitement this game series will bring to them and how much it will affect modern pop culture ... What is the reason for the success of this unpretentious game? In accessible to all and every gameplay? In literate marketing? Or in the total coverage of a variety of platforms? When Peter Vesterbacka, father of Angry Birds, was asked to name five steps to succeed, he named only two:

  1. Create a great app.
  2. Tell us about it.

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