In this modern world, electricity is a necessity. Look who runs your gadgets, computers, appliances and even many of the transportations systems? Without electricity, a crisis would sure happen. Businesses would stop, stores, malls and almost everything in the city would surely be affected. Meanwhile, the electricity that we are using today are coming from limited sources such as fossil fuel that creates oil. This is now becoming a non-reliable source of energy because it is non-renewable.

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We cannot replace fossil when it is gone. Plus, energy that comes from fossil are not good for the environment. It adds heat on the temperature that destroys the o-zone layer. The good thing is, through the advancement of science and technology, experts are discovering alternatives that could replace the use of fossil. As you could see today, there are now a lot of establishments that are using solar power which is a natural energy that we get in touch every day. To know more about the things that you could do with solar, you could browse On the other hand, here are some things that are run by solar.


Power banks

We always use our cellphones and devices whenever we go outside. We don’t feel safe if our phone is near to low-battery. This is an access to a wide range of applications that could help us in our way. We book a taxi or car using our smartphone, we communicate, we gain an entertainment and we could now even pay our bills with it. As the drastic change been done by smartphone, we deeply rely on its capability. That is why power banks are a good tool in handy. Meanwhile, solar power banks allows you to generate more electricity outside. Good for camping and long travels.


Flags are symbol of a nation, which is why we often see it in public places and other governmental or educational institutions. Flagpoles are needed in order for the flag to sway its pride. On the other hand, there are now solar flagpoles that generates electricity from the sun every morning. The gathered power is the one who runs the light the top of the flagpole so that people could still see the flag during night time. This is a good kind of innovation that could save lots of energy when implemented in a country on a national level.