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How to Get a Coloring Book Published and Draw Extra Profit

As a kid, there’s a satisfaction about filling up a blank page with your own choice of color. Because you don’t have to color the sun yellow, or the skies blue. You can fill any color—any color you want in your geometric shapes and floral patterns. And today, adults can join too! With Amazon’s CreateSpace, more artists work their way through learning how to get a coloring book published and sell them online. In fact, some of these adult coloring books grab a spot in Amazon’s bestselling and earn modest profit today.

How to Get a Coloring Book Published

If you’re an artist, a doodler, or you just have a knack in hand drawn illustrations, you can now launch your own coloring book. Here are few tips and steps to keep in mind on how to publish a coloring book.

Step 1: Pick your market right.

Choose your targeted market first before laying your desired theme. Right from the start, know your book genre. Are these for doodle enthusiasts? For young girls with certain age range? In any case, you can study and research few of the best sellers online, and understand why they’ve managed to get into the top sales. From cover design to color schemes, check out the product’s every detail.

And whether you opt to create an adult or kid’s coloring book, choose a theme you’re comfortable or familiar with—a unique and relatable theme that’s guaranteed to appeal for your targeted audience. In that way, you can build your sales easier and quicker.

Step 2: Convert your drafts into digital form. how to publish a coloring book

Once you’ve picked a theme and created your illustrations, you’re now ready to scan the drafts. Import your drafts at 300 dpi resolution (jpg), then export as pdf, or you can photograph your work with a high-quality digital cam.

Choose the kind of paper you’re going to use. Coated or uncoated? Gloss or matte finish? Most coloring books are in uncoated offset paper, just perfect for coloring with colored pencils or crayons. And the size would be usually larger like 8.5” x 11” to get a clear image for coloring. An Adobe InDesign would be helpful for your lay-outing. Also, make sure you trim and bind enough according to your draft size and format, so there aren’t overlapping or cropped parts of your artwork. You may need to convert your coloring book drafts into a PDF format, to upload in CreateSpace, IngramSpark, or to self-publishing companies. Check their submission guidelines to make sure you got the right format and size.

 Step 3: Create a compelling cover design.

A coloring book cover is a crucial element to consider. Well, not only for the marketing effort, because people do tend to judge your book by its cover. In a sea of competition, you need to stand out, to grab their attention online and offline. The same with coloring books, you have to lure potential buyers through the first impression, a marketable book cover design one can’t help but pick or click.

Use editing tools like Photoshop for the cover, or if you’d like a stunning and professional one, you can hire a graphic designer or illustrator.

hand drawn illustrationsStep 4: Order physical proofs.

Now that you’ve uploaded and submitted your digital prints, you can now order physical copies of your coloring proof. Color them yourself. Test the quality of the page. So if you’re not satisfied on how it feels or looks, you can modify the settings or format and then order another proof.


Step 5: Launch and promote your book.

You can also log in to CreateSpace and get a preview of your book. Publish your book once you’ve decided the final draft of your coloring book. Once done, your book will be available on Amazon so you can sell coloring pages/artwork online. Also, they have expanded distribution so you can expand your coloring book’s reach, from libraries to different distributors.