How to use a Penis Pump

It is a simple procedure that will give a result of up to 250% greater than an alternative brand. Relaxing in a warm bath, fill the pump by submerging it in the water. Insert your penis into the full pump – excess water will be released via a pressure window at the top. Pump about 4 or 5 times and the pressure will start to increase – the erect penis should remain in the pump for about 20 minutes as the pressure begins to engulf the penis. The outcome will be amazing a larger penis over time and pleasure only dreamt of on ejaculation.


Two popular products from the penis pump range are the Penis enlargement pump and the Penis enlargement Hercules. The Hercules is the standard level penis pump in their range, it has an insertion well 8.26” (21cm) deep large enough to take most penises. Its polycarbonate, rubber and steel construction ensures a long lasting product of the highest quality. The Penis enlargement pump X30 is a superior model to the junior Hercules Penis enlargement; made of the same construction it boasts a swivel base that enables the user to switch between pressure gauge view and internal view of the erect penis under pressure. The Hydromax X30 has a larger well of 9.5” (24cm) large enough for 99% of penises, the width is also larger than the Hercules.