Now that you know what causes this disease, it’s time to learn what causes the bacteria to enter the vagina. This bacteria can be transmitted through intercourse. A man or woman can pass it around when engaging in unprotected intercourse. When the bacteria is allowed into the vagina and not cleaned immediately, it begins to spread and cause disease.

Additionally, blue waffles is caused by the use of unsanitary foreign objects during intercourse. These objects can be anything used during intercourse that are not cleaned properly before and after use, and objects that are not stored correctly. If the bacteria is transferred from a woman’s body to a foreign object and not cleaned off, it can grow and sit on the object waiting for another use. It will then become inserted into a woman’s vagina causing her to contract the sexually transmitted disease. You can avoid this by cleaning objects thoroughly and by showering when intercourse is over. If you thoroughly clean your body, you can prevent the spread of this disease or at least kill it so that it doesn’t cause too much damage.