A brilliant idea struck can actually make you earn a good lot of pennies if properly implemented. Wondering how!! It is by taking a proper patent, where in it only you who will get the right to actually implement it to be beneficial to the crowd.

If it is a real time worthy idea, there are many organizations as a matter of fact are making their way to place your idea in their shelves.

What is a patent?

A patent is considered to be a grant of rights essentially for the invention that is done. In amateur terms it is more or less like a contract that the government sanctions to monopolize a particular concept for a limited period of time either to a firm or an individual.

By and large a government actually frowns up at monopolization as it deprives the economy not maintaining free trade and healthy competition. But, why then a government actually gives patent? The answer is more obvious by giving patents the inventors always come up with new innovative ideas that actually boosts up the growth of science and technology in the country.

How many types of patent?

There are mainly three different types of patent

  • Utility patents
  • Design patents
  • Plant patent

What are utility patents?

These are the patents that are issued for the process of making things, medical devices, biotechnological process, electronics working improvement and it might also be a new process of extracting a secondary metabolite from a plant through tissue culture. To make it as a statement these utility patents are issued for an invention idea or innovative idea that actually includes a process either new or improvement for an existing procedure or equipment.

Design Patents: Not all patents are given for the process or process improvement. There are a vast number of patents that are been given for design improvement, these are called as design patents. These designs might be of an equipment, container, toys or house ware.

The next type of patents is plant patents which are actually given for a new distinct plant variety it might be a fruit tree or a vegetable or a flowering plant.

Now that you have learnt about the different categories of patent, let us see how to patent an idea.

A proper documentation is the first call for, file in the data from the day of evolution of the idea to the final curtain down. This documentation acts as a source of proof during the disclosure or any dispute in the raise of idea.

After completion of proper documentation or one can tell before actually starting the document it is essential to properly check the patent directories for the existence of the idea. If there is any one should for significant difference and if that is not made significantly it is of no use in proceeding with the idea. Hence the inventor should actually take so much of care in this vital aspect.