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Business plan 2018: universal instructions for launching the project

You are going to create a business, but do not know where to start? This step-by-step manual will allow you to avoid mistakes and quickly get the first profit.

Often people are afraid to run a business. They understand that to live "like everyone else" is not for them, they are striving for something. But something still hinders.

If you read this article to the end, you will no longer have a choice. You must follow all instructions and begin. Because there can be no excuses. Now you will know exactly how and what to do. Even with a full zero.

This is a full-fledged universal business plan 2018.

Ready? Sure? Then let's go...

Choice of a niche, analysis of the market and competitors

Find your business. Not just an idea for a business, which will bring you $ 100-200 per month. And really what you are predisposed to. What will please you? It is not simple. For this, you need to go deeper. And think carefully.

Now that you have decided what you will do think about whether it is necessary for people. I can tell in advance what is needed. Given what is on the Internet now, I think that your topic will go for "cheers." If in doubt, think about how you can properly present your proposal to future customers.

Perhaps it is worth considering the positioning or the product itself. In any case, after working well in this area, you will find the right solution.

So, for analysis, we will use several services. First, we determine whether people are looking for what you are going to offer them. And then - who and how is already doing it in the market. So you research the demand for your product and understand what methods work for your competitors.

Carefully working through all the exercises, you already understand your development vector and know exactly what your proposal will be interesting to the audience. Now we need to make this proposal correctly. Speaking in professional language - to pack your business.

Product and business packaging

Packaging is everything that your future customer comes into contact with before the transaction. Your any activity on the Internet - a site that sells the page, groups in social networks, an account in Instagram, a channel on YouTube.

The task is to make a person want to buy from you, having familiarized himself with the packaging.

Think about where your customers are mostly. Sell them directly from there, or lead them to your resources.

Basic principles of correct packaging:

  • Completely tells the future client about your offer.
  • You know that your product/service/product is cool. But the visitor who came to you - no. Tell him about it. Give the right information. One rule - the more expensive the product, the more information.
  • Allocates you against the background of competitors. DO NOT need to say or write something like: "Unlike..., we are all much better". Show me exactly what you are better at. Create a USP (unique trade proposal) and write it down in detail. Business plan 2018 implies that your project is unique. Copying other people's ideas is unlikely to lead to a good result.
  • "It hits the need" for visitors. It's about triggers. Study your target audience. Be similar to thematic forums. Find which questions interest them most. And right in the package, write down that your proposal will completely solve their questions. Write only what is important. Select the ten most popular questions on the topic and use them as triggers.
  • Gives hope. After reading your proposal, the client should be sure that you can solve his problem or give him what he needs (depending on the direction of the business). Of course, at this point, it is strictly forbidden to embellish. Specify only what you can do/give. On the selling pages you can not provide untrue information. With this strategy, your business will last no more than a year. Given the disgusting reputation.
  • Gives guarantees. This, in principle, is another trigger. A person should understand that buying from you; he does not lose anything. Even if something goes wrong, it will still make some use of the purchase. This is the elaboration of objections at the stage of acquaintance. You sell the client before personal communication with him. This is the beauty of Internet marketing.

Attraction of traffic

Traffic is your target audience. People who switch to your resources. Some of them eventually make a purchase. This is perhaps the most important element, without which the business simply can not exist.

Here are ten universal options that will suit almost any business:

  1. Contextual advertising. Ads on Google that are displayed above and below the organic issuance for key queries.
  2. Banner advertising. Advertising images posted on sites related to your business.
  3. Advertising on Facebook. Promotion of paid offers in their communities and targeted advertising.
  4. Advertising on YouTube. One of the most promising and underestimated ways to attract traffic. You can promote your channel; use paid promotion of commercials or order advertising from well-known bloggers on your topic.
  5. Advertising on Instagram. Promotion of the company account, purchase of advertising posts in public places and the accounts of Instagram-bloggers.
  6. Advertising in email-lists. Find entrepreneurs who already have an audience overlapping with yours. Buy ads on their basis or start cooperation on barter.
  7. SEO-optimization of sites. This method will not give you instant results. But you can and should work with it for the future. You optimize your resources for the right requests to put them on top of Google.


No less important stage, which for some reason, many domestic entrepreneurs are neglected. Or treat it lightly. You had this situation: call the online store, dial from the 3rd, and the manager picks up the phone with the words: "Yes, what?".

Not particularly pleasant, will you agree? I do not want to buy after that.

The sale is a whole art. A little later, when the project comes to a new level, you will have to hire employees, build a full-fledged sales department. But first, you need to learn how to sell. This is a very important skill that every entrepreneur needs.


These four steps are enough to start a business. Carefully work out each of them. Study the materials, sharpen your skills. To more effectively implement this business plan 2018, you can hire professionals who are better versed on the topic. But you can learn all this yourself.