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Can diet pills help you lose weight? - UC Davis Health

The trend of using weight loss supplementation for efficient and fast weight loss has only increased in the past many years. Most of these supplements that are made available to the people are 100% clinically tested and approved. The makers also claim of the supplements being completely natural when in fact they do contain certain amounts of chemicals in them. One common compound that is used in diet pills is chromium. However, the consistent use of chromium has proven to be a predictor of serious health scares and threats including cancer.

Chromium causes cancer

A recent research study that was carried out in Australia and quoted on a Diet Pills Information Source talks about how chromium causes cancer. Now this came as a shock for many people because it is generally believed that chromium is good for the human health. It is a common compound that is used to treat health conditions like diabetes and metabolic disorders. However, the excessive use of chromium is believed to be a causal agent for cancer.

Chromium is trusted for weight loss

It is common knowledge that chromium is used by diabetic patients as well as people who are suffering from digestive problems i.e. metabolic and digestion issues. Another important fact about chromium is that it is trusted by many people as an effective measure for weight loss and fat cutter. Hence, all diet pills that intend to facilitate weight loss contain high amounts of chromium inside them. It is supposedly believed to work naturally for weight loss by burning more calories. However, this is not the only thing it does. A recent study offers scientific evidence that it causes cancer.

How does it cause cancer?

There has been much speculation about the study that predicts chromium to be a causing agent of cancer. Many people question the authenticity of the research study as Chromium has always been viewed as a healthy component that burns body fat at a high speed and helps you to maintain a good body shape. It is thus a little hard for people to digest this new piece of information. For such people, the researcher offers clarity by giving an insight into how chromium causes cancer. Chromium enters the body and travels to different regions where it cuts through the stubborn fat layers and breaks them down to result in weight loss. However, as it travels along with body it also enters into the body cells where it is converted into carcinogenic particles. The nature of the substance is changed and it becomes a cancer causing agent. It results in increased oxidation inside the human body as well.

Explanation for claim

There is also explanation offered for why the compound is converted into carcinogenic in nature. It increases the oxidation state of the body and forces the cells to give up on the electrons. Hence, as the electrons release the cells become weak and thus they result in changing the altogether nature of the compound. The positive role is converted into being negative and harmful.