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Design Furniture Manufacturer in China

The man has worked day and night to make this world a better place to live. Plombier Drancy They made much remarkable advancement in every field, whether its technology, medicine or any other field. As a result of these advancements, it also improved the livings conditions, the overall environment in which they live. People want to make their life more colorful, more comfortable and more enjoyable. So they have started investing more in design furniture and luxury lifestyles and this article will enlighten you about the design furniture manufacturer in China.

China is the world’s most populous country and living standards in China have also improved drastically. People are also willing to make their lifestyle more comforting and so they are investing more and more. With this increased purchasing power the furniture market in China has growth significantly. In 2015, the entire retail sales of furniture equipment above a definite scale raised 16.1% year-on-year to Rmb244.50 billion.


Traditionally Chinese furniture is divided into four major categories, such as Beijing category, Guangzhou category, Shanghai category and Suzhou category. Beijing category was derived from Ming Dynasty and it is the simplest one while Suzhou category was derived from Qing Dynasty with some extravagant decoration. Guangzhou category has some western effect, usually decorated with marbles and shells of shellfish. Sculpture painting is displayed over the furniture of Shanghai category which is the mostly demanded category.


  • Avid Consumers

These consumers are very rich. They little attention to prices and prefer Western furniture design, Classical Chinese furniture design etc.

  • Branded product Consumers

These consumers are the trend setters; they think that their design furniture should represent their personality and taste.

  • Average income receiving Consumers

These consumers receive average incomes and they create of a major part of consumers.


Consumers usually prefer solid wood furniture because of its durability and strength. Similarly, plywood furniture is also gaining popularity in design furniture but not as durable as solid wood furniture are.

Nowadays a new design which combines western and traditional Chinese designs are getting popular all around the world, a style which connects and attracts many regions. Many design manufacturers have incorporated traditional Chinese styles in their design works, which looks very elegant and magnificent but also very expensive. Different type of wood is required and very skilled effort is required to produce such brilliant design furniture.


Every year China conducts a furniture exhibition in which the design furniture manufacturers of China participates and show their remarkable designed furniture. This exhibition is conducted in different cities of China and internationally to promote their product and enhance their businesses.