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How to Write about Your Immigrant Status in an Admission Essay

How to Write about Your Immigrant Status in an Admission Essay

Your immigrant status can be an interesting point of discussion for your admission essay. This is because the fact that you came from a different culture means you have a different perspective on things. But how do you actually write about your immigrant status in an admission essay? Read on for some tips.

Things to keep in mind

When writing an admission essay about your immigrant status, you can focus on several things: your experiences as you adjust to a country and culture, difficulties you’ve faced as an immigrant when applying to schools, and what you’ve learned from such experiences. One example is the language barrier you may have experienced. You can discuss in your essay what you did to overcome such a difficulty and how it shaped you to become a more determined and persevering individual.

The main point of your admission essay produced by essay writing service for college is to convince the readers that you deserve a slot at your dream school. To score some brownie points through your essay, you shouldn’t engage in self-pity. Remember, you’re writing an essay that should convince the readers to admit you into the school and not to make them cry or feel sad about you.

And because this essay is also a way for you to impress the readers with your excellent English-writing skills, it’s important that you edit and proofread your essay. Don’t be afraid if you have to rewrite or start all over again. You’ll want to make sure that your work is free from grammar and logic errors. You can ask a mentor or parent to proofread or edit your essay. They are also good sources of constructive criticisms that can help you improve your essay. For more guidance, you can also check out online samples of admission essays. By reading these materials, you’ll be able to grasp the characteristics of an effective essay. But make sure that you use these samples only as guides; never plagiarize sample essays since this will defeat the whole purpose of writing one, which is to let the readers know who you really are as a possible student. Your essay should reflect the real you and your enriching experiences as an immigrant.

What you shouldn’t include in your essay

Things you shouldn’t discuss in your essay are highly controversial point of views or sensitive point on views on cultural differences and race. You may not be able to do justice on topics such as these, and the readers may think negatively of you if you don’t. Because your essay is a way for you to personally introduce yourself to the readers, you have to make a good impression. Being an immigrant may have been very difficult for you, but don’t turn your essay into a sob story. You should instead discuss the obstacles you’ve faced as an immigrant student and what you did to overcome difficulties. Doing so will let the readers know that you are a positive person, and that you are resilient and tenacious enough to face whatever life brings.