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Theoretical bases of modeling

Course Objective:

- to acquaint students with the theoretical bases of modeling the ideal teacher;
- to trace the difference in the models of the ideal male teacher and female teacher;
- to contribute to the formation of the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice when developing its own plan of self-improvement;
- to show differences in the models of the ideal teacher abroad.

Place of special course in professional training of the student:

The course contributes to the expansion of the arsenal of professional psychological methods and techniques among students of pedagogical specialties, allows superficially acquainted with the technique of creating a model of an ideal teacher.
Requirements to the level of mastering the content of the special course:
Knowledge of the specifics of the models of the ideal male teacher and female teacher, as well as such models in different countries of the world, the ability to analyze various models of the ideal teacher and evaluate their effectiveness from a professional point of view, the ability to develop their own models and understanding the role of forming an ideal teacher model.

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