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Correlation between focalisation, point of view and perspective

As far as correlation between focalisation, point of view and perspective is concerned, it has been discovered that these phenomena are bound by the systemic-structural ties. Systemic organisation of the linguistic markers of focalisation, point of view and perspective is reflected through the spherical arrangement: the core (markers of point of view – day, glass etc.) and the periphery (markers of focalisation and perspective – so bright, giant, comically too small etc. and bicycle, tree, front wheel etc. correspondingly).

Structural organisation of the view-markers relies upon the hierarchical arrangement: perspective presupposes existence of a certain subject of focalisation (i.e. the focaliser who is looking at something), while at the same time focalisation implies perspective (the focaliser is looking at the definite objects that become his perspective). As far as point of view is concerned, the latter implies both perspective and focalisation (it makes the interaction between the focaliser and the things seen by him possible).

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