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The Exciting Ancient Hobby That is Brand New Again

How would you like to capture the exact likeness of your child, partner, friend or relative that could last for more than your lifetime? Perhaps with a bit of planning to allow you to hand it down, it could well last into the next century. Well you can and it is far easier than you could ever image using the wide array of helpful and easy to use new hobby kits available today. But more about those interesting kits below.

What do people call this intriguing artform? It’s called lifecasting, (no space in between words) the art of replicating the human body or at least parts of it. This could include hands, feet, faces, heads torso, pregnant bellies and yes, even entire bodies. It is so acute that you can even take fingerprint impressions from the finished hand casting.

This ancient art form can be traced back to ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome where some of the more beautiful statues were created by direct casting the human body. Some very famous people have been lifecast, too. These include George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franz List, the composer. But there were thousands of others whose likenesses have been frozen in time over the centuries so that we can see them as they actually were.

Today parents have been copying the child’s hands and feet as mementos. In fact, the materials used in lifecasting are so safe that the can be used to reproduce the hands of a new born without concern. Another favorite body casting activity is pregnancy casting where a copy of the pregnant torso is made using plaster bandage strips. The finished casting is often decorated in unique ways to include feathers, glitter, finger paints or even a realistic landscape scene.

Adult hand and face casting has proved popular as well. Often a hand is cast holding a favorite object. For a young athlete this could be a ball, hockey puck or similar object. For an adult it could be a tool used in the model’s trade or profession. Finished casting can be mounted on wood or marble bases for display. An engraved brass name plate adds the finishing touch.

Face casting make a wonderful and always cherished gift. Using a face casting kit eliminates all the difficulty of selecting the appropriate materials. The kits come with excellent instructions to make the process trouble free.

One of the largest makers of lifecasting kits today is EvironMolds™. They offer a wide selection of kit for every application with this line of ArtMold EZ Cast Kits® These include the Kidz EZ Cast kit for children. The Memory Handz kit for families, the Pro Hand EZ Cast Kit, the Face EZ Cast Kit, the Maternity EZ Cast Kit for pregnancy casting and the Torso EZ Cast Kit as well as more advance casting kits up to full bodies.

So, pick up a kit and you too can experience this fun new hobby born of ancient roots, but lasting for generations to come. They make incredible mementos.