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MyCleanPC Targets the Biggest Culprits of Your Slow Computer

We do so much on our computers these days that it can be hard to figure out what’s causing a slowdown when one occurs. Is it a malicious file you accidently downloaded? Too many RAM hogs bogging down your memory? Issues with corrupted registry files? To get to the bottom of a slowdown, you’re going to need MyCleanPC on your side.

MyCleanPC goes to work fixing all of the errors and maintenance issues that could be slowing down your computer, big or small. Even if you’re not quite sure why your PC is behaving so sluggishly, My Clean PC goes to work routing out the issue so you know exactly why—and more importantly, what needs to be done to get rid of the slowdown.

Common problems behind slowdowns

There are more than a few things that could be contributing to your slow computer speeds. Let’s take a look at some of the most common and how MyCleanPC addresses them to restore high speeds to your system:

  • Malware, adware, spyware and bloatware. These infections bytes can cause a real problem for your PC not just in their ability to slow things down, but also to compromise your security. MyCleanPC seeks out malicious files and destroys them, helping you defend your computer against compromised data and the slow speeds that come with these culprits.
  • Clogged caches. Caches are responsible for keeping data handy in some of our most-used programs, as a way of speeding them up and improving accessibility. If they’re not emptied often, however, caches become clogged up and have the opposite effect, creating massive slowdowns! MyCleanPC will clear out caches to speed your software back up, to promote noticeably better speeds for your most-used programs.
  • Fragmented hard drive. A fragmented hard drive occurs over time as data is written and re-written to your hard disc. Sometimes, you need to take a second to clean it all up and reconnect the pieces of data that fit together. When you do, data will load faster and your system will perform better. My Clean PC works to get this routine task completed quickly.
  • Corrupt registry files. There are registry files associated with every program on your computer. They dictate how the program behaves, what preferences you choose and how the program reacts with your system. Corruptions can have severe consequences, including slowdowns, program crashes and more. MyCleanPC trawls your registry to find antiquated or corrupted files and removes them, to keep things running smoothly at all times.
  • Startup items. Do you have a ton of files and programs that pop up as soon as you start up your PC? Startup items are major RAM hogs and can drastically slow down your operating system, diminishing its performance. MyCleanPC allows you to clean up and disable startup items to prevent the instant slowdown you might be experiencing.

Get solutions, no matter the slowdown

Instead of going through one-by-one and trying to discern what, if any, of the above detractors is taking a toll on your PC speeds, leave the job up to MyCleanPC! MyCleanPC has the ability to tackle all of these things at the click of a button, restoring high speeds to your PC and eliminating some of the peskiest issues facing your operating system.