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Different mail services by USPS and their details

USPS is one of the most sought after mailing services in the United States. Due to its affordability, many people prefer using their services. Gone are the days when you had limited options with USPS. Today, there are numerous post office services that USPS provide to you. Here, we will take a look at them and see what they offer to you.

Priority Mail Express

The priority mail express is a superfast mailing service by USPS. It is the quickest in the lot and charge you around $24.70 (which is the online retail price) or $22 (which is commercial charges). The shipping time required, as per what they say, it overnight and the provide you guarantee for it. You also have a flat rate variable price option which will help you in securing a deal for less. You can pay for postage online at retail price and the insurance of $100 will be added to your package.

Priority Mail

The simple priority mail is up for urgent deliveries and the USPS promises to deliver such packages within one to three business days. The price at which it starts is $6.70 and you will be able to adjust it in terms of flat rate and variable rate. The regional rates will also help you in lowering down the price and prepaid option is also available to you for this service. You will have to pay for this package Online at retail and the insurance of $50 will be included with each Priority Mail post.

First Class Mail

The first class mail is as cheap as $0.50 at retail and $0.378 at commercial rates. It is delivered between 2 to 3 days and you have a variable price option to deal with the packaging and rates. For these packages, you will pay at retail for the postage service. Insurance is also available for your parcels but it is not included by default as it is in priority mail and priority mail express.

USPS Retail Ground

The retail ground is charged at $6.70 at retail and the package is delivered to its destination in 2 to 8 days. The prices can vary and you pay for the postage at retail. The insurance option is also available for your USPS retail ground packages.

Media Mail

Media mail will ask you to pay $2.66 at retail and $1.74 at commercial rates. It is also sent within 2 to 8 days and the variable price option is there for the adjustment in rates. You pay for the postage at retail and can add insurance to your packages.

What you get with all options

The USPS services have certain options that stay constant with all the mailing options. You will be able to track your packages online at their official website. The signature confirmation is also available and you can ask them for a return receipt as well. Moreover, if you want to send something and collect the cast, the collect on delivery choice is also there to help you.