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VigRX Plus


Etiological Factors and Hormonal Action


The reported physical penile measurement reported in the above condition is about two inches. The average penile measure in healthy men is about five inches. VigRX Plus increases penile measure through actual cellular multiplication of outer epithelium.


The medical condition is reported to occur from low testosterone in the foetal growth period. Faulty genes and hormonal insensitivity are some of the other etiological factors.


Phalloplasty is the surgical procedure that involves harvesting of cutaneous skin for the addition of penile girth. Sensitivity and tactile stimulation is achieved by adherence of natural penile tissue to that of the transplanted skin. VigRX Plus contains the most biocompatible materials like silicone for user ease. 


There is morphologic intervention to allow micturition through urethra. Erection for sexual intercourse is achieved through the employment of an inflatable prosthesis. The loss of functional activity of prosthesis occurs from immune rejection reactions.