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Double Barrel Pistol And Best Gun Safe For The Money

Most of us have fired or at least seen a double barrel shotgun with the ability to shoot two rounds at once. However, Arsenal Firearms is changing the game with their double barrel pistol known as the AF2011-A1. Much like the shotgun, there’s two separate barrels on the end of this pistol, each with the ability to fire a round simultaneously with the other.

Overview of The AF2011-A1

Something you may not realize is that the original design for the AF2011-A1 came from a Swiss armourer Vivian Mueller, who was simply fiddling around with various parts of a Sig P210. About 10 years ago, Mueller began welding together Sig parts and eventually came with a unique, and quite functional, double barrel 9mm. Arsenal Firearms was impressed by Mueller’s original concept ad decided to further the development of such a weapon. In about half a year, Arsenal Firearms had produced a market-ready double-barrel pistol capable of firing two .45 caliber rounds at once, known as the AF2011-A1. Best gun safe for the money at

AF2011-A1 Specs

As stated earlier, the AF2011-A1 is a .45 caliber double barrel pistol. Some people may be under the impression that it isn’t accurate just because it’s a double barrel. On the contrary, though, the AF2011-A1 is extremely accurate and capable of nailing targets 30 yards away when used properly.

You’ll notice the magazine for the AF2011-A11 contains two rows of ammunition instead of one. This “fatter” version of a traditional magazine makes it possible to feed the ammunition directly into each barrel simultaneously. How many bullets is the AF2011-A11 capable of firing? The standard magazine holds 8 for each side, so that’s a total of 16 rounds without reloading.

As you can expect, the AF2011-A11 delivers a powerful payload of stopping power. With two .45 caliber rounds being fire accurately at the target, you can bet it’s going to leave a mark on the target. In addition, this semi-automatic pistol is capable of unleashing all 16 rounds in just 3 seconds.

The AF2011-A11 fires both chambers at once through a single trigger. When you squeeze the trigger, both chambers will release their rounds. However, it is possible to customize it with two separate triggers so you can fire each chamber independently.

How Much Does It Cost?

There’s no word yet on the pricing of the AF2011-A1. So if you’re wanting to get your hands on this powerful double barrel pistol, you can expect to pay a hefty amount when it hits the market. You also need a gun safe to safe your gun right? view at Best Gun Safe UNDER 1000: Our Top 5 Choices