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Digital Marketing as a Concept of Salvation for Modern Day Business: Reading the Market Well

In a world of producers and consumers, the capability to market products and services is of vital importance for the markets and their players. The digital age brought about a new paradigm into the game, digital marketing, which has opened brand new horizons for marketers, customers and producers alike. A couple of decades ago, people strolling through a town market would have to pay attention to signs which read ‘Exclusive Offers for Best Products!’ to find good deals whereas today, they just have to click on a Google link that reads ‘Web Design Birmingham’ to access web development companies and their attractive offers. Digital marketing is making things easier and more profitable while the increasing rates of competition is becoming a serious issue for startups. Paying attention to useful details, tricks and techniques makes all the difference in today’s digital game and those who pay attention will surely benefit in the future.

As statistics and data prove, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial process for commercial success in today’s business world. As much as people love to use social media, Google’s throne in digital marketing still stands intact as services such as ‘Google My Business’ offers presence and high profile for businesses and their products. The system also pinpoints subscribed companies on Google Maps and provide virtual 3D tours of their offices. Customer reviews on websites and social media are also key components of digital marketing success because they provide insight and details about customer demand. Normally, marketing agencies have to go through significant trouble to find such input whereas the digital platforms bring feedback to marketers’ feet. Google’s system also values off-page optimization methods such as hyperlinks, citations and references, meaning that digital marketers who use them automatically rank higher in Google searches. Content wise, such methods also add an element of professionalism into the presented project and customers understand the serious intention of conducting business as a result.

Digital marketing transformation is a popular word to use in today’s business world but it requires further analysis and structural evaluation. In the pursuit of digitalizing entire marketing systems, the main obstacle is the issue of organization as different ideas and opinions tend to collide and create obstructions to progress. Similarly, marketing channels are another significant issue as no one is truly sure about how to optimize cross-channel interactions on a digital platform. The digital marketing team is expected to work in cooperation to integrate different channels within a single system for higher efficiency in reaching out the intended target markets. In conjunction, most digital channels are currently mismanaged, which creates a significant problem of under-achievement. The newly emerging technologies should be implemented in management of marketing channels while collaborations between digital media giants such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be utilized to increase sales potential. In the end, the mentioned digital transformation can be used to boost marketing efficiency, as long as the team stays loyal to its causes and develops solutions for the encountered problems in the process.

Market performances never lie about business reality and the rise of the total spending on digital marketing by 44% in the US and UK last year is a significant success story for sure. On a global scale, the spent amount is around$100 billion, as the world markets simply loved the idea of using existent digital brands and services to promote their products. Consequently, issues such as brand safety became more debated as consumer giants such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever filed for claims of fraud in online advertisements. Having little control over digital marketers’ strategies and applications, such companies are complaining about being advertised next to low-profile or fraudulent products and services. Similar pressures were exerted on Google and Facebook, regarding their access to and use of user data as newly implemented data protection laws found their actions to be harmful for the market. As a result, companies that have an interest in the developing digital marketing paradigm are merging with one another, such as the recent acquisition of Magento by Adobe Systems, to be able to withstand legal pressures and possible financial ramifications. In short, numerous brands are fighting for control over marketing technologies, which is expanding the market but also creating backlashes within the digital marketing community itself.