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Best purses for mum with toddlers

Becoming a parent demands that organisation become not only a skill, but a talent of sorts. Not only must you work to obtain the essentials before baby arrives – such as ordering nappy bags online and building nursery furniture – but you must be able to balance having a baby around with maintaining the rest of life. Becoming a parent comes with a lot of change, and babies come with a lot of baggage – that baggage must be stored somewhere safe and reliable, at the ready at all times.


When you become a mum, having a purse that is both big enough and beautiful in itself is so important. While the purse you choose must be suitable for your needs as a parent and that of your child, that does not mean have to mean that you must sacrifice your own sense of style. These days, there is a massive market for purses for mums, and thankfully when there is demand there usually comes subsequent supply. When you are on the search for the perfect purse as a mum, there are three key factors that must be considered and should be paramount to your ultimate decision.


Enough space to hold everything

Normal purses are small and sometimes even struggle to fit a phone and your cards, let alone everything else that you suddenly must carry around when you become a parent. For this reason, looking for the perfect purse demands that you look for one that can comfortably fit all the mummy and baby essentials.


Everything from nappies, wipes, changes of baby clothes, water, snacks, your wallet, phone, charger, blankets, bibs, and baby toys (among countless other items) must have a place in your new purse, or you might as well forget about it altogether. There is nothing more frustrating than ordering a purse because you like the way it looks, and it arrives and you have no room for storage – which is the whole reason you started looking for a new purse anyway.


Style and practicality meeting halfway

Speaking of style, it is possible to find a purse that perfectly encapsulates both style and functionality. The growing market for mummy purses is bringing with it all-new designs, fresh off the page and brought to life to inspire mums to be their absolute self – even when covered in baby vomit.


From simple black on black designs to lemon yellow or canopy green colour schemes, choosing a purse that effortlessly echoes your personal style is important – when you love the bag, you feel more yourself…something that many new mums struggle with to begin with. A new chapter requires readjustment – it is normal.


Structural integrity to go the distance

There is something uniquely frustrating about spending hard-earned money on a mummy purse and it lasting a mere few weeks before it splits apart or the handle or strap snaps. Here is the thing: while it may feel like an expense that is not necessary, believe me when I tell you that it is not only necessary, but vital to have a good quality purse.


The needs of a parent are different than the needs of the average woman, and that concept extends to purses and storage. You need a purse that is strong in its design and execution, and can handle being the primary or sole storage product for both yourself and your child.