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Playing the Guitar and Advanced Education

Learning how to play the guitar has many benefits both inside and outside the classroom. Teachers have found that students who learn a musical instrument at a young age are more likely to show advanced levels of focus, attention to detail, and even ability to understand difficult concepts.

Practicing an instrument like the guitar also gives children a schedule and a level of discipline that other children don't get at a young age. Practicing an instrument is difficult, takes patience, and requires motivation. Kids who master guitar playing are able to take the lessons they learned from their instrument and apply them to their academic career later in life.

This concept is demonstrated when musicians are able to focus on studying longer than non-musicians. Studies consistently show that musicians score higher on exam because they are able to focus longer and understand concepts quicker than other students.

Playing a musical instrument should be required in all elementary schools because of how much it teaches kids and how it prepares them to succeed later in life. Plus, kids would love taking time out of the academic day to play an instrument more than getting ideal guitar player gifts this holiday season.