You will be able to choose based on your budget, your level, and your brand preferences. For example, you want a Karate gi for your daily training at the club, you will choose "Versatile", and then according to your preference you select the weight you want.



Which brand should you choose?

The brands you will find on Karate gi are known to be references in the dojos or competitions of Karate. We do not want to influence you between this or that brand because it is often a matter of taste and also of means. Each brand has its own peculiarities, advantages and disadvantages.

We try to describe the best Karate gi in the descriptions but as nothing looks more like a Karategi than another Karategi, it is not easy to choose between 2 Kimonos of the same type but different brand.

To help you choose a brand, you will consider several factors:

Your attachment to a particular brand. If you want to stay true to a brand, there are no worries you should find on Karate gi the Gi you need in your brand. The reputation of a brand or simply the recommendation of other Karateka. Your personal preferences. You want to try a brand (no matter which one) just by personal conviction, because you like the cut, the logo, etc. Tastes are not discussed. Have fun, a point that's all.


This is often the nerve of war and the factor that may tip your choice from one brand to another. Of course, if you are not limited in terms of budget, do not hesitate to choose according to your heart because the purchase of a Karate gi is a long-term investment that you will carry very often during your training.

But if your budget is more modest, do not worry, all our Karate gis are of very good quality and in any case you will not be disappointed. To help you, on Karate gi you can filter your search according to a price range.

The choice of the heart

Now that you have selected the weight, type of work, brand, range, there should be only a few Karate gi in your selection. This is where you have to bring in your heart. Read the descriptions and look at the pictures. Read the opinions of our customers, and then make your final choice according to your desire and enjoy yourself, it is very important in the practice of Karate.

And for the size, how do we do it?

That's it you have finally choose LE Karate gi who will accompany you during your next training or your next competitions. You cannot wait to order it but to be sure that it fits you like a glove, there is one last step: the choice of size.

This point may seem trivial but it is an essential step that should not be taken lightly. Do not always rely on the size of your current Karate gi because depending on the brands and the material you have chosen for your new companion; the size may be different.