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Myths about Morocco you should forget about

When you want to go to another country, some research before doing the trip is highly recommended, but what happens when you research and you just find bad things? Well, this is common and it happens sometimes. The thing is that bad things are always going to be there, people have always something bad or good to say about a country, so basically you need to hear opinion from all kind of people.

On the other hand, there are always some misconceptions about some countries and we commonly get afraid of going to some countries because of that, but not everything is what is seems and sometimes misconceptions are just that: comments that are not true.

So, if you are thinking of doing the Morocco Tours you may search advice or travel tips when you get there, and this is totally fine, but in case you find fake information or misconception of people who have even been there, here you will learn some information about this country.

One of the main things we see about Morocco is about safety. People have many things to say, since this is not a safe country because of the Arabic people living here or because people who is always chasing you if you are a tourist, or the crowded cities that can be dangerous. The true is that this country is not too dangerous is just like other countries: you need to be careful. If you are tourist you just have to avoid scams, if you are a woman you can walk alone around 1:00 in the morning, things like that are a sign of being careful. Remember that people from this country are really kind and they will always be ready to help you. So you need to enjoy the Morocco Tours and Trips without getting worried of thieves and things like that.

Another myth about this country deals with religion. If we take a quick look we understand than people living in Morocco are commonly Muslim Arabic and maybe this is true, but not all people living in Morocco are the same. Actually, there are people from different culture in this country so they are not all Muslim Arabic, this is like a tradition that is kept by many families but it does not mean they are “fanatic” or follow the same culture. You will be surprised to know that there are more than one language spoken here – for example French- and the diversity is one of the main things that has always represented this country.

“Dressing like you were a noun is the only way of coming to Morocco” and this is not true. We all know people here are really conservatory and you should show some of respect to people here, their culture is different and they do not like short skirts or tops but there is always a limit. There are many outfits you can use that can cover your arms or private parts, not necessarily cloth that will not let you breathe. Also, using a hijab is not necessary for tourists, some Muslim women wear that but you do not have to do it! If you are thinking in doing the Morocco Tours prepare your package consciously.

“Bargaining is not respectful, you should not do that if you are not a Moroccan”, this is totally fake, if you bargain you are getting to use to their culture. This is like a play in which the best price wins and there is nothing wrong about that, so do not feel ashamed of doing this.