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Exploring Natural Water Birth for Awesome Future Mom’s

Becoming mom is one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. During pregnancy, many future moms consider giving birth in a way that is easy and causes less pain. One of the ways to give birth to a new baby is through water birth pools. In the midst of birth by cesarean section or other ways, water birth is getting popular due to its advantages. Giving birth in water has a great psychological impact and it lessens the pain and fear with the contractions.

Women can easily change positions in the birthing pool and women enjoy the relaxation of warm water and relief is felt from the enormous feeling of pressure.

There are tons of water birth pools in the market but the quality birth pools need to be considered for birth. Important precautions need to be taken before going for water birth. This article is going to shed light on the benefits and risk of water birth.

Following are the benefits of water birth:

  1. Water serve as calming, relaxing and soothing agent during birth.
  2. Giving birth in body lessens the weight and mom can free movement and have good easy positioning.
  3. When the body is water it helps in lowering blood pressure and relieves the body of anxiety pressure.
  4. Being in water lessens the impact of stress-related hormones.
  5. Body dipped in warm soothing water produces pain-inhibitors such as endorphins etc.
  6. Pain in contractions is relieved while sitting on the water birth pool.
  7. Being in pool mom relaxes physical and it affects the positive and calm mental state.
  8. Water helps in conserving energy in the body.
  9. Water gives a sense of privacy that instills the feeling of safety in mom.
  10. It may lead to a shorter time period for labor.

Following are risks in the water birth:

  1. Mom or baby can get an infection.
  2. The temperature of the baby body could be very low or high.
  3. During birth, the baby could breathe in a water pool.


Top 4 companies to buy quality water birth pools:

  1. In His Hands: This Company provides the necessary supplies for a home birth. The website features different types of water birth pools. Discounts and free shipping are offered on some water birth pools.
  2. Your Water Birth: This website provides complete water birth kit. A midwife can avail 10% off coupon for herself and her clients.


  1. Birthing Mamas: Birthing Mamas features popular water birth pools and kit. They offer famous La Bassine’s water birth pool as well.
  2. Amazon: If the reader is living out of Europe she can buy some popular water birth pools on Amazon.


“Have a safe and happy water birth future awesome Mama”