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Reform of criminal justice system needed – Justice Dotse

Criminal justice is actually a system of government organizations to control and to discourage crime and to authorizing the criminal penalties to those who disobeys or break up’s any laws. The people who are suspect or blamed for any crime can use prosecution power to defend themselves if they are innocent. So these prosecutors should have studied criminal justice. There are various universities that offer this type of degrees like Ashland University online criminal justice degree. Hence, criminal justice is also a field or subject of study.  Criminal justice system is usually developed to control crime and to capture those who don’t follow the rules and regulations assigned by the government. So this department is responsible for maintaining peace in your societies. This system is actually backed by the commission and it is having a great link with the law enforcement agencies, courts etc.

Laws are the most important guidelines which everyone must follow in order to maintain a calm environment in a society. If anyone disobeys then he or she is marked as criminal and must have to suffer from the punishment that is defined by the law. There are certain department and agencies that are responsible for making sure that everyone is following the rule. Now the question arises that what is Criminal Justice System? What are its major parts etc?

Criminal Justice System:

The government has to make sure that the rules are followed by each person in the state. The collection of law enforcement agencies and various methods which are set up by the government to control misconduct, law-breaking, and criminality and to charge punishments to those who breaks or disobeys laws. Basically, there are three main portions. The first one is the law making authorities, the second one is courts or settlement and the last one is prison or lockup. It is a simple hierarchy. Fist the rules are made, then if anyone breaks any of the rules then he or she has to face courts etc to be proved guilty or innocence and then the final step if someone is found guilty then the punishment is imposed or the person is sent to jail or prison etc.

Modifications Needed in Criminal Justice System:

There are certain flaws in the whole procedure. There are certain procedures which are not good for prisoners. The criminal justice system needs to be viewed closely. There must be some amendments needed. The criminal Justice system needs some reforms in order to remove weaknesses from the system. Some of these needs are discussed below.

Although the person has done some crime still the prisoner is a human being too. So when they are sent to jail etc then they must be treated properly. There must be more modifications in the prison facilities. Along with these there must be catered or provide for the prisoners. There are certain cases where inappropriate inquiry by the police led the innocent people to go to jail. Due to this, the wrong people are trapped in a case and the guilty are free roaming outside in the world. If someone is marked guilty and although that person is not guilty then he will still wait for the hearing session. So the postponement processes in the hearing sessions are also needed to be revised. There are certain cases where the person is thrown in the jail for a period of time without any confirmation that he is a prison or not.

These are only a sketch of the reforms which are needed compulsory, although there are a lot of amendments which are required in the system. Otherwise these negative factors will have great impact on the society and the peace will not be maintained.