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Social Sciences Thesis: Major Componenets (.pdf, 6149K)

Please, read through this Thesis Guide, get familiar with the major concepts. This is a great tool that will guide you towards your Thesis Proposal and ultimate the success of your Thesis.

Thesis Components Checklist (.pdf, 205K)

This is a checklist for your Thesis Proposal and Final Document. Please, follow it through and pay attention to the details.


Please, use this template of a Thesis Proposal as a guideline to your own proposal for this course. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

JMP resources info (.pdf, 352K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 232K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 413K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 288K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 361K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 413K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 548K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 310K)
JMP data tables for practice (.jmp, 9K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 250K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 336K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 259K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 484K)
JMP resources info (.pdf, 383K)
Writing Centre Schedule (.doc, 168K)
APA Pagination (.pdf, 619K)
Research Proposal Sample (.pdf, 445K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Unit 1 [unit]


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APA resources
Organizing data on Excel
t tests in SPSS
What You Didn't Know about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Consider the  suggestions in the article regarding faulty methodology and suggest how the discrepancies and methodology could be improved. Make sure that you watch the video of the original experiment and then consider the criticisms in the article.

APA Formating
Research Proposal Example
Research Proposal Example 2
Quantitative Research Proposal
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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.