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Screen Enclosure Company – the Cost they incur to build a Pool Screen Enclosure

There are many screen enclosure companies that can build perfect pool screen enclosures for you. Pool screen installation could be very beneficial for you because it can protect the pool from insects and leaves and the most important are it protects your privacy while swimming. The additional security that they can provide is that it can protect your pets and children jumping in an open pool that can be dangerous for them. No doubt these screened enclosures and Lanai screens will increase the value of your home for resale purpose and also they will enhance your swimming experience. They can be the best part of the entertainment for your guests and family members throughout the year. 


Enclosure for Different Size Pools

Pool enclosures can cover almost all types of pools with different sizes. The construction material varies depending on different factors like a place where the pool is located and the type and shape of the pool. Most of the pool enclosures are made with aluminum which is of standard quality.  This material is very durable and strong because it can protect you from many natural disasters like storms and gusty winds. There are many other factors that can affect the cost of Pool screen enclosures and these are the preferred design and matching it with the décor of your home.


Many Options and Designs

You can choose the design of the pool enclosure depending on the deign of your home and it can attract people as an independent unit. It can cover only the pool area and sometimes it is made to cover the deck and courtyard. You can make the screen top as per your preference. Sometimes it is just flat and it can be more prominent and attractive by building peaks and globes in it. The popular trend in screen installation is domed shaped. You can make it in the French style that has a slope on each side.

Cost of the Screen Enclosures

It depends on two factors that are the material and design you choose. The other factors that can affect the cost of the enclosure can be the size and location of the pool and sometimes the efforts require to build this enclosure are also a big price determinant. For a 20 x 40 deck, it can cost you about USD 7000 to USD 8000. Hope you have got enough idea about the price factors of a pool screen enclosure.