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Where to buy more dislikes and negative comments on YouTube video?

People usually wish to have more likes or positive instagram comments on any social media network in order to gain popularity. But what about people who desire to have more dislikes or negative comments? What could be the reason for buying dislikes and comments on YouTube video? Well, they see the world with an alternative perspective. They believe that they will get even more popular if there are some negative comments or dislikes on his post or video. Youtube is a social network where people share different videos usually for publicity. It is evident from many cases that video having malignant comments are more enticing for people rather than the video having positive comments. People usually watch that video out of curiosity that what can be so worse about that video. Therefore, a huge crowd of social media creature started clicking on the video and the video owner comes in the limelight.

Do negative comments or dislikes help in the growth of a video?

Earning in youtube depends on the number of the views or clicks. Dislikes usually indicate the discontent for a particular video. However, when a person dislikes some video then he will definitely want his social circle to watch it and the chain will continue. It gives an upper hand over the competitor. Whether it is the positive or negative comment, like or dislike, it does contribute to the ranking of a video. If someone takes this factor into consideration then it is surely possible that the dislikes help him with the earning.

Why People need to buy dislikes or negative comments?

A video with only likes is never considered genuine. If a video has some dislikes as well then it usually gives a real and genuine look to the audiences. More likes and fewer dislikes look abnormal to the subscribers. A video with a sufficient amount of dislikes is considered to be a legitimate one. Therefore, people are looking for certain services which could provide them with dislikes or negative comments.

How to buy dislikes?

The Internet is flooded with many companies that offer services to buy likes for any social media networks but there are only a few platforms which help people to get dislikes. Such platform has a huge team of experts which helps people in becoming the most influential creature of the social media world. People can find these services at