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IMPORTANT, Please Read

It is that time again! On Oct. 12th, we will be upgrading our software. Campus Connect will have limited functionality due to this upgrade. There may also be intermittent times when it won’t be possible to access Campus Connect at all. DO NOT enter any new information or change any information on this day. Some things may not show up at all or could unexpectedly disappear and be lost forever. Faculty, please do not schedule any assignments to be due or test to be taken on this day. Once maintenance is done, we will notify you when it is safe to begin entering information. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It’s impossible to find a ‘perfect time’ to do upgrades, so we try to pick a time when it will cause the least interference. We also do these upgrades during times when we can have additional support available to us to try to minimize any down time. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to keep up with ever changing technology!


Thank you,

Technology Support Services

Welcome to the Barton College web portal

This web site is for Barton College Students, Faculty, Staff and Prospective Students.  If you are a Prospective Student please click on the Admissions tab. For current Student, Faculty, and Staff use your username and password to login. Click on the Login Help tab if you need help logging in. For more information about Barton College go to the main Barton College web site.



For information on Barton's operating status visit or for students call 252-399-6868. For employees call 252-399-6600.