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Statistics (PSY271)

Term: Academic Year 2011-2012 Spring


Julie M BakerUser Info
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Mon-Wed-Fri, 12:00 PM - 12:50 PM (1/9/2012 - 5/8/2012) Location: BC-H-107
Fri, 1:00 PM - 1:50 PM (1/9/2012 - 5/8/2012) Location: BC-H-108


A continuation of PSY 270. Students learn advanced statistical techniques, including factorial analysis of variance and nonparametric statistics (i.e., correlation, regression, chi-square). Nonexperimental designs such as surveys, observational research, case studies and program evaluation are covered. Emphasis is placed on the conduction of the research proposed in PSY 270, including data collection, analysis, an oral presentation, and a written empirical report in APA style. Continued focus on statistical analysis skill is also stressed. Prerequisite: PSY 270. Note: 2-hour laboratory required in addition to the regular three hours of lecture per week.