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Technology Notice

Please note that on July 13, 2015, Campus Connect will have limited functionality due to necessary maintenance and system upgrades. There may also be intermittent times when it won’t be possible to access Campus Connect at all. Please do not use the application forms on this day as we may not receive them. This message will go away once all upgrades and maintenance are complete. If you need to Apply to Baton College during this time, please contact Admissions directly at 1-800-345-4973. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we continue to keep up with ever changing technology!

 Thank you, Technology Support Services

Traditional Applications to Barton College
    Freshman Application  
This application is for high school seniors, recent high school graduates, and students entering from an Early College Program.
    Transfer Application  
This application is for students who have been previously enrolled in another college and plan on attending traditional daytime classes at Barton.
    International Application  
This application is for international students who plan on attending traditional daytime classes at Barton.
    Readmission to Barton College  

If you originally entered Barton as a Freshman and have not attended another school, use the Freshman Application above.

If you originally entered Barton College as a transfer student, or if you are coming back to Barton after attending elsewhere, use the Transfer Application above.

Graduate Applications
    Graduate Applicaton - School of Nursing  
    Graduate Application - School of Education  
Non-Degree Seeking Application
    Other Applications  

 Here you will find Barton College's application for:

  • Earning credit in the Summer Term for future use at Barton
  • Auditing Classes (no credits earned)
  • Earning credit for use at another college or for personal enrichment
  • Earning credit while still enrolled in High School
Accelerated Professional Programs (APP)
    APP Application  

This application is for Barton's Accelerated Professional Programs.
These classes are offered evenings and weekends for students 22 years of age and older, including those who have not earned any previous college credits and those transferring credits from other schools. For more information about our Accelerated Professional Programs click here.

    Licensure Only Programs Application  

This application is for Barton's Educator Licensure Programs.
You must have at least a Bachelors Degree to qualify for any of these programs.

  • Standard Teacher Licensure
  • AIG Licensure Add-on
  • School Administrator Lincensure (Masters Degree in Education is required)